RPort 0.6.0 announced

 RPort Version 0.6.0 expected release date: February 2022

🚀 New features:
  • New UI design, See Screenshots

  • Monitoring of bandwidth for Lan and Wan interfaces

  • list of all active tunnels across all clients

  • support for PowerShell 7 and all custom script interpreters

  • support of UDP tunnels

  • cron-like server-side scheduler to execute command or script at a given time

  • support of multiple pairing urls (internal client can connect to a different URL than external clients)

  • Novnc integration. Get access to VNC servers directly in your browser.

  • Guacamole integration. Get access via RDP directly in your browser. No guacamole setup needed.

  • File copy option. Copy file directly into the file system of remote systems.

🪛 Fixes:

  • Auto-Login for and redirect to external authentication portals

  • More icons for different devices and operating systems

  • Better determination of user IP address if behind proxy to pre-fill the tunnel ACL

  • Server-side client filtering and use of pagination on the fronted. (massive speed improvement on systems with >100 clients) 

  • More command line options to fully control tunnels from the rport client.

🚚 Roadmap:

  • Tunnel expiry, auto-close a tunnel after a given period

  • Integration of popular web-based administration tools like cockpit, netdata, Windows Admin Center and the Microsoft remote desktop web client

  • Rport client API, monitor the connection status of a client locally and act on disconnects

  • Alerting, receive alerts based on the monitoring data

  • Event reactor, automatically react to events by executing commands or scripts.

  • Integration of restic backups. Manage all your backups from the RPort UI.

  • More tutorial videos


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