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RPort 0.6.0 announced

  RPort Version 0.6.0 expected release date: February 2022 🚀 New features: New UI design, See Screenshots Monitoring of bandwidth for Lan and Wan interfaces list of all active tunnels across all clients support for PowerShell 7 and all custom script interpreters support of UDP tunnels cron-like server-side scheduler to execute command or script at a given time support of multiple pairing urls (internal client can connect to a different URL than external clients) Novnc integration. Get access to VNC servers directly in your browser. Guacamole integration. Get access via RDP directly in your browser. No guacamole setup needed. File copy option. Copy file directly into the file system of remote systems. 🪛 Fixes: Auto-Login for and redirect to external authentication portals More icons for different devices and operating systems Better determination of user IP address if behind proxy to pre-fill the tunnel ACL Server-side client filtering and use of pagination on the fronted. (massive sp