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🚀 December version 0.5.0 of open-source software RPort released. Secure remote access, remote management and automation – self-hosted.

  RPort is an all-in-one remote management suite for heterogeneous environments. To not give the keys to your castle to a stranger, RPort should be self-hosted.  More teamwork, more power!  RPort lets teams manage and automate their Windows and Linux devices - desktops, servers, and any device from an intuitive, browser-based dashboard. It provides a comprehensive view of the entire IT inventory. Users can securely log on to remote systems behind NAT. Firewall changes or a VPN are not required.  RPort is designed for maximum security. Spying on credentials is technically impossible. Users always have full control over their  #data . 🔥 What’s new in the 0.5.0 release? 🚀 New features: TOPT (time based one-time tokens). You can now use 2fa with popular apps like Google or Microsoft Authenticator. Read more . New audit log, follow up who did what and when. Retrace which command has been executed and what were the results. Screenshot Monitoring of CPU, memory, disks and processes. The API