🚀 New version of open-source software RPort. Secure remote access, remote management and automation – self-hosted.

RPort is an all-in-one remote management suite for heterogeneous environments. To not give the keys to your castle to a stranger, RPort should be self-hosted. 

Own the keys to your castle! 

RPort lets users manage and automate their Windows and Linux devices - desktops, servers, and any device from an intuitive, browser-based dashboard. It provides a comprehensive view of the entire IT inventory. Users can securely log on to remote systems behind NAT. Firewall changes or a VPN are not required. 
RPort is designed for maximum security. Spying on credentials is technically impossible. Users always have full control over their #data.

🔥 What’s new in this release?

• Role-based access control to resources
• 2FA enabled by default
• Supervision of pending OS-updates for Windows and Linux
• Extended inventory, including details of the operating system
• Beta-release of the RPort command line utility
• Folders to organize scripts for re-use on repetitive tasks
• Integrated help function.

⏱️ Within two minutes, you can convert any tiny VM into a fully fledged RPort instance.

RPort makes it easy for system administrators to get started with automation. Execute commands on remote machines from a central dashboard. On a single server or on a group of servers, sequentially or in parallel. Even complex tasks can be automated through scripts. A library allows reuse and sharing of automation recipes. The complete deployment of desktop PCs or servers including all applications and their configuration can be automated.

The underlying reverse tunneling technology makes remote access highly secure. Users connect to any remote system via an encrypted tunnel using proven protocols like Remote Desktop, SSH, VNC, HTTP, or any TCP-based protocol. No ports are opened. Port forwarding or VPN is not required.


  1. just finished installing it,
    exactly what i was looking for.

    thank you guys and keep up the great work.


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