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Windows Server 2022 + RPort = Big Love 😍

On August, Microsoft has released the new Windows Server 2022. R-Port fully supports this version of the Microsoft operating system. Let’s see how well they play together. In this video, I will demonstrate how to connect several instances of Windows Server 2022 to the R-Port server and how to manage them from a central web-based dashboard. What is Rport R-Port is free and open-source software. It helps you to manage dozens or hundreds of servers and desktops from a central place.  The home lab I have prepared my R-Port server on an Azure Virtual Machine . Watch our other videos, to learn how to install the R-Port server in just five minutes. In my home lab, I have installed four Windows Server 2022 as Hyper-V guests.  Pairing - connect the Server 2022 to RPort On the R-Port dashboard, I click on the gears icon and then on “client access”.  R-Port comes with a pairing service that does everything with just four lines of PowerShell. You just need to paste the snippet into a PowerShell

Version 0.4.0 of RPort released

Another major release of RPort went live today. RPort is an all-in-one remote management suite for heterogeneous environments. RPort is released as open-source software and can be self-hosted. 🔥 What’s new in this release? Inventory view.  Extended filters for parallel script and command execution. Dark theme. Experimental support of Tacoscript. Encrypted Markdown documents.  The RPort Client can connect to a list of fallback servers. Improvements Adaptive height of boxes on large screens to avoid scrolling (UI). Clearer layout of the script loading and saving dialogue (UI). Tabs instead of sections. Bug Fixes Whitespace and special characters in windows scripts and commands are now handled properly. Limiting the access to a client to a user group is now working as expected. The systemd unit file now increases the max open files to prevent rportd running out of files. Proper handling of special characters in client access passwords. Fixed endless loop of authentication attempts on the