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Remote maintenance and automation for heterogeneous landscapes with free software

A new open-source software manages everything from a central dashboard - whether cloud, multi-cloud, hybrid cloud, co-locations and the PCs in the office. The days when all servers and employee PCs were located in a common subnet are long gone. The IT infrastructure has spread across various locations, service providers and networks. And the devices at colleagues' workplaces at home often still fall under the purview of system administrators. Keeping track of an ever-growing number of servers and devices is a problem for many IT departments. Which systems is a team responsible for? Where are they located? And how do you get remote access quickly? Wikis are a widely used solution. But these are only helpful as long as they are kept up to date. The colleague is on vacation, you urgently need to fix a server error, and the guesswork begins: How do I get on the system? Hopefully, the colleague was disciplined and the server list and documentation with remote access paths are up-to-

CloudRadar releases cloud installer for its free remote management solution

Without any configuration effort, users can now turn any virtual machine in the cloud into a fully-fledged RPort server in just a few minutes. RPort is free of charge. Only the cost of the cloud VM is incurred (3-5 €/month). The German technology company cloudradar GmbH has released a cloud installer for its RPort software. This is compatible with all common cloud providers. This includes European clouds such as Hetzner and Scaleway. In less than five minutes, users can install their own server for secure remote maintenance. Configuration via the command line is not necessary. It is based on RPort - an all-in-one remote management suite for heterogeneous environments. RPort addresses three basic needs of a system administrator: fast and secure remote access from anywhere, script execution from a central dashboard, and automation of recurring tasks. RPort lets users manage and automate their Windows and Linux devices - desktops, servers, and any device from an intuitive, browser-based d