Version 0.4.0 of RPort released

Another major release of RPort went live today. RPort is an all-in-one remote management suite for heterogeneous environments. RPort is released as open-source software and can be self-hosted.

πŸ”₯ What’s new in this release?

  • Inventory view. 

  • Extended filters for parallel script and command execution.

  • Dark theme.

  • Experimental support of Tacoscript.

  • Encrypted Markdown documents. 

  • The RPort Client can connect to a list of fallback servers.


  • Adaptive height of boxes on large screens to avoid scrolling (UI).

  • Clearer layout of the script loading and saving dialogue (UI).

  • Tabs instead of sections.

Bug Fixes

  • Whitespace and special characters in windows scripts and commands are now handled properly.

  • Limiting the access to a client to a user group is now working as expected.

  • The systemd unit file now increases the max open files to prevent rportd running out of files.

  • Proper handling of special characters in client access passwords.

  • Fixed endless loop of authentication attempts on the very first login to a new server.

πŸ’‘Updating the RPort server and clients is fast and easy. Learn more.

Our roadmap

We are working night and day to finish the following features before the end of the year 2021:

  • Spontaneous remote assistance via screen sharing without a permanently installed agent.

  • Basic monitoring of CPU, memory, disks and processes including alerting.

  • Audit log that records all user activity, including script execution.

  • First stable release of Tacoscript.

Details about the new features

Inventory View

You can now view, sort and filter the managed systems in a table view. 

It’s an alternative to the client list on the left side, where all details of the remote system cannot be displayed.

Extended filters for parallel script and command execution

For the parallel execution of commands and scripts, it is now possible to filter the target by almost any value of the inventory. This enables you to execute a script, for example, on all hosts running on the same operating systems or inside a given subnet. Multiple filters can be combined.

Dark theme

If you prefer dark user interfaces over bright ones, give our new dark theme a try.

Experimental support of Tacoscript

Tacoscript is a declarative scripting engine that allows fast and easy execution of common tasks. It’s inspired by Saltstack and Ansible but without the hassle of a Python installation. If you want to try it, activate experimental features on your settings first. Read more

Encrypted Markdown documents

You can now write longer documentation for your managed systems and store it inside the encrypted vault. This allows you to share knowledge with your teammates. This new feature can also be used as a logbook to record manual work done on a remote system.

The RPort Client can connect to a list of fallback servers

In case the main RPort server is not reachable, a list of fallback servers is automatically connected. This is just the first step that enables you to run a high availability setup. Read more


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